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Tony Silvagni places 5th in the World for 2015

The World Longboard Championships took place December 6th-9th at Riyue Bay, China. The contest was held in fun, stomach to head high sets over the left hand reef break. There were 36 of the top professional longboarders from around the world competing in the competition. Tony Silvagni was one of 5 professional men longboarders competing for the world title from the USA. Tony was coming off a big win at the Taiwan Open of Surfing leading into this event at Hainan, China. The Women professional longboarders competed at the same venue for the world title in their own division. The Asia cup took place the day before the main event to gain two wild card spots. 


Tony Silvagni won his first round heat advancing him into Round 3. He then won his round 3 heat against Ned Snow from Hawaii in a tight battle all the way to the end of the heat.  Round 4 is a no loser round heat with 1st place advancing onto the quarter final and 2nd-3rd place advancing onto round 5. Tony ended up in a tie for first with Taylor Jensen from the USA. Tony took 2nd place in Round 4 with Taylor Jensen having the highest single scoring wave to win the tie breaker. In Round 5, Tony was up against Nelson Ahina from Hawaii where it was another tight heat all the way to the end. Tony ended up winning again on his last wave to advanced onto the quarterfinals to meet with Taylor Jensen again from the USA. 


In the Quarter finals, Taylor Jensen started out with a high score on his first wave of a 9.4 with noseriding, flow, and a mix of rail turns. Tony ended up getting 2nd place in this heat to finish off the event with an equal 5th place in the World for professional longboard. 


Tony would like to thank his sponsors Stewart Surfboards, Hot Wax Surf Shop, & Kulcha Shok Muzik. Tony would like to give special thanks to his girlfriend, Leigh for all of her support at both events. Furthermore, thank you to all of his family, friends, and fans. 


Tony is looking forward to a big year for 2016 for the world tour!

Photo credit: Andrew Carruthers


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