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Jack Messer

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Jack Messer  | Tony Silvagni Surf School Team Member

Jack Messer Bio

Jack Messer is one of the brightest kids who excels in surfing and all of his classes at Murray Middle School. He has been surfing for 7 years and has traveled to many places around the world. Jack recently surfed in Costa Rica on a fun surf trip with his family and he caught a bunch of glassy, clean surf. Just recently he competed in the U12 Shortboard and he placed 5thin the final at the ESA SNC # 2 event. Jack started surfing at 5 years old and he is an excellent shortboarder and longboarder. He loves pretty much every sport and he has a lot of athleticism. Jack’s goal is to get sponsored by a large company by being recognized for increasing growth in his surfing ability and being a role model for surfer of his age and younger. Tony Silvagn Surf School Surf Team is beyond happy to have you a part of our team! 


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