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Talan Groseclose

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Talan Groseclose | Tony Silvagni Surf School Team Member

Talan Groseclose Bio

Talan Groseclose loves surfing with his friends Mack Landry and Parker Kitts. He has been surfing for 5 years. His favorite surf break is the north end pier in Carolina Beach. He is an excellent baseball and basketball player. Talan rides for Kulcha Shok Muzik, Shady Rays, Dave Vennell, Rex and Sons Rv, and Tony Silvagni Surf School Team. Talan enjoys surfing on a shorrboard and longboard. Talan has been competing in a lot of events locally and a few down in South Carolina. Talan is full of energy and will surf a dawn patrol session with his friends before heading off to school. 


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